Services at St John in the Wilderness

Whilst social distancing remains in place there will only be one service on a Sunday

The Eucharist will be celebrated each Sunday at 10.30 am. Due to the high demand to attend and the limited space in church at St John in the Wilderness, there is the necessity for pre-booking to attend a service.  If you would like to book for a Sunday service please email who will get back in touch with you.


9:30 am, every Sunday: A traditional celebration of the Eucharist, with hymns and sermon.

The Eucharist (also called ‘Holy Communion’, ‘The Lord’s Supper’ or ‘The Mass’) is the principal act of Christian worship. At the Eucharist we obey the command given to his disciples by Jesus at the Last Supper when he took bread and wine, thanked God, and gave it to his disciples saying ‘This is my body… This is my blood’, telling them to ‘Do this in remembrance of me’. In the Eucharist we proclaim the Lord’s saving death and resurrection, we are assured of his living presence among us, and look forward to the coming of the kingdom and the heavenly banquet, of which the Eucharist is the foretaste.

The 9.30 am Eucharist is a traditional – though modern language – celebration, with hymns and sermon, following Order One of the Church of England’s service book Common Worship. It is dignified but simple, and many people appreciate the opportunity it affords for quietness and reflection, as well as the friendliness of the welcome.

11:30 am, every Sunday: All-Age Eucharist.


At St John in the Wilderness we make the inclusion of children a very high priority because not only are they ‘the Church of tomorrow’ - they are members of the Church today, and deserve to be placed at the heart of our life and worship. They are our teachers, as much as we are theirs!

Children and families are welcome at all events and services, however the 11.30 am Family Service has been evolved especially to reflect and cater for the needs of families with young children. The services are themed, reflecting the Church’s liturgical year, with appropriate extension activities in the form of colouring/work sheets to take away. Musical instruments are provided for children to enable them to participate during the hymns. ‘Show-and-tell’-style talks, stories and plays are used for teaching. ‘Dressing-up Services’ are a regular feature, with everyone attending encouraged to come in fancy dress (e.g. a ‘pirate service’ on the theme of ‘treasure in heaven’)! It is our conviction that fun and laughter are essential ingredients in our worship together – after all, the Christian Gospel is supposed to be Good News!

The service lasts approx. 40 – 45 minutes, after which refreshments are available in the Meeting Room at the back of church. (There is a toilet in church, equipped with potty and baby-change unit).

During the course of the year a range of activities for children and families also take place, as well as occasional joint-services with the 9.30 am congregation.


10:00 am, every Tuesday: A Holy Eucharist following the Order of The Book of Common Prayer.

A more traditional service.

10:00 am, every Friday: Holy Eucharist.

On the first Friday of every month A Requiem.