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Funerals at 

St John in the Wilderness

A funeral is an occasion both of sadness and celebration: sadness at parting, but also – very importantly - celebration of a person’s life, and of the hope we have as Christians in the promise of life eternal.

The modern Church of England funeral service seeks to allow for both of these things – giving dignity to the grief we have a need to express, but also allowing family and friends the opportunity for celebration, in a way that is very personal to the one who has died.

Whether or not you or the loved one who has died has been a regular churchgoer, you’ll find the clergy very sympathetic, and willing to help in putting together a service appropriate to your needs, at church or crematorium.

So, please, if you are looking to make funeral arrangements in the district of St John in the Wilderness, do not be afraid to make contact, or ask your funeral director for details.

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